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Supporting the  Legacy of

 Alcorn State University.

The Carolinas Chapter


The Carolinas Chapter

Our amazing chapter consists of Annual, Associate, and Life Alumni members from across North & South Carolina who are committed and dedicated to serving Alcorn State University.


Our Mission

The mission of the Alumni Association is to communicate with and bring value to the alumni body and to support, actively and financially, the goals of the National Alumni Association and Alcorn State University (“the University”). 

The goal of the Alumni Association is to promote the best interest of the University and its alumni. The objectives are: 

To promote the welfare of and provide services to Alcorn State University, its students and alumni; 

To encourage continued growth, personally and professionally, and a spirit of fellowship among alumni; 

To assist in the recruitment of students; 

To work and plan in securing gifts to the University and to expand the financial support by alumni and other contributors; 

To recognize the distinguished services of the alumni; 

To promote literary and scientific pursuits and matters kindred thereto; 

To give, grant and loan scholarships to students attending Alcorn State University from the states of North Carolina and South Carolina. 


Alcorn state university Oakland memorial chapel

University History

 Alcorn is the oldest public historically black land-grant institution in the United States and the second-oldest state-supported institution of higher learning in Mississippi. Alcorn University was founded in 1871 as a result of the people of Mississippi’s efforts to educate the descendants of formerly enslaved Africans. It was named in honor of the sitting governor of Mississippi, James L. Alcorn. 

In 1878, Alcorn University became Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College. The college was exclusively for males at first, but eventually women were admitted. A dormitory for women was built in 1902. Over time, facilities increased from three historic buildings to more than 80 structures. The original purchase of 225 acres of land grew to a campus of more than 1,700 acres.

In 1974, Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College became Alcorn State University. Governor William L. Waller signed House Bill 298, granting this status. Alcorn has thrived by continuously accomplishing dynamic goals and objectives despite limited resource allocations from the state. By the early 1990s, Alcorn’s physical plant and academic programs evolved into a more diversified University. The student population is now representative of more than 65 counties, more than 30 states, and at least 18 foreign countries. The University provides an undergraduate education that enables students to successfully pursue work in graduate and professional schools, engage in teaching, and enter other professions.

As Mississippi recognized the importance of educating all citizens, Alcorn has gained status and importance. From the original eight faculty members in 1871, the University has grown to more than 800 faculty and staff. The student body has increased from 179 students to more than 4,000 students with varied ethnic backgrounds. Although early graduates of Alcorn had limited horizons, today’s graduates are successful in their chosen professions, and many are outstanding entrepreneurs. Throughout Alcorn’s history, the leadership and faculty remained committed to enhancing the institution’s image and to attracting young people whose interest is the pursuit and receipt of a quality education. Over the decades, “the college that excelled against great odds” has become one of the leading universities in the nation. Alcorn State University operates divisions with degree programs in more than 50 areas, including the Bachelor’s, Master’s,  Educational Specialist, and Doctor of Nursing Practice Degrees.

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